Pet Anxiety Awareness

  1. Understand Your Cats Needs

    • Helping your cat cope with their anxiety is not always a simple fix. It can be really beneficial to understand further why your cat has started behaving in a certain way. If you understand this, you maybe able to make environmental adjustments to help.
    • This can be as simple as introducing an additional scratching post or even moving it to an area they prefer to scratch in.
  2. Professional Support and Advice

    • We would always advise either visiting the APBC or the ABTC to find a list of regulated professionals to help you on your journey.
    • If you are ever concerned about your cat please also visit your vet, some behavioural issues can be down to a health issue, they will be able to help you eliminate any potential causes.
  3. How can FELIWAY help? FELIWAY Optimum is clinically proven to help cats with all common signs of stress such as:

    • Scratching
    • Spraying
    • Hiding
    • Cat Conflict

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However pets suffer with anxiety all year round. Whether this is due to travelling, meeting new people, going to the vets, fears of loud noises, the hoover, living in a stressful environment...the list goes on!

FELIWAY has been around for over 20 years helping cats cope with anxiety but there are still many that are not aware about what can be done and what products can be used. We want to raise awareness all about these issues and highlight that there is something you can do to help your pet.

Finding the best advice is not always easy. We have listed below some our recommended websites when you are in search of further information:

Whether this be taking them to see a qualified behaviourist or trainer, amend your pets resources to help them with a supporting product. The point is you are not alone and there is something you can be done.

If you need further information and advice, take a look at the FELIWAY Blog, from how to recognise the signs of anxiety to expert advice if you think your cat has anxiety you'll find topics with top tips to help with specific cat stress behaviour like: